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Our Mission

Everyone learning... all the time!

612 Del Mar Ave.

Vallejo, CA. 94589

phone: (707) 556-8420

fax: (707) 556-8423

Office Hours

Welcome to Cooper! The office is open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. We're here to serve you! Please come and meet Ms. Cooper, our esteemed office manager and Ms. Yoshi our secretary.

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Visitors on Campus

We welcome all parents and community members to Cooper.  To ensure that our campus is safe, please remember to always check in at the office to get a Visitor's Pass.  It's a simple process and Ms.Cooper or Ms. Yoshi will ask you to sign in our Visitor Log and then give you a pass the allows us to know who's interacting with the students at Cooper.  Keeping our students safe is our priority and we appreciate your support in this endeavor.

Notes form the Office

Please remember that if your child is going to be absent from school for any reason, it is very important that you contact the office as soon as possible so that the absence can be properly documented. Our Phone number is  707-556-8420

At Cooper Elementary, learning in the classrooms begins at 9:00 am.  If a student arrives after that time, they are tardy. If students arrive after 9:00 am, they need to come through the office to make sure that they are counted as present and order a lunch if necessary.  We do not have a grace period. Reminder: lunches are called in at 9:30, so if a student is going to be arriving after that time and they want a school lunch, please call us to let us know that we need to order an extra lunch.

Every minute counts when it comes to attendance. Studies show that students who miss too as few as 10 days in Kindergarten and First Grade may struggle academically in later years.

Parking is limited at our school so we need our parents and guardians to be mindful of our surrounding neighbors regarding traffic violations, double parking, and not parking and/or driving through the staff parking lot.

Complaint Forms

At Cooper, we want to work with students, parents and staff to solve all problems and issues that arise.  If, however, you are unsatisfied with the result at the school site, you can request a VCUSD Complaint Form in English or Spanish.  Copies of this form are also online at the VCUSD website or in our office.


Volunteers are welcome here at Cooper. If you are willing to share your talent or time please consider being a volunteer for Cooper by filling out our Volunteer Survey Volunteer Survey  or  Cooper Encuesta Familiar.doc . Volunteers in the classroom need to be cleared through our on-line application process located on the VCUSD website Volunteer Form .


Student Hours:


T-K and Kindergarten

Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Friday: 9:00am - 1:50pm

Wed: 9:00am-1:00pm

Grades 1 - 5

Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Friday 9:00am - 3:40pm

Wed: 9:00am - 1:00pm


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Welcome to Cooper!

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Mrs. Sutton Honored!

Mrs. Sutton was recently recognized by the Vallejo Community Advisory Committee for Special Education for her work in supporting special education students. The person who nominated Mrs. Sutton said the following, "Mrs. Sutton should get an award because she is the sweetest teacher. She taught me how to read last year and she taught me softball too. She makes us all feel like we fit in and can do a lot of things, She also teaches us how to be kind to each other." Congratulations Mrs. Sutton! We are very proud you are a Cooper Cougar!

Cooper as a Full Service Community School

We are excited to announce that Cooper is  a Full Service Community School this year. Our wonderful Academic Service provider (ASP) is Ms. Juanisha Cox. She is located in room 23 and is here to help coordinate services for families in need. This referral service is confidential. Ms. Cox also coordinates our SST or Student Success Team meetings as we focus on making sure all students are successful in school. If you have any questions Ms. Cox can be located by phoning the school at 556-8420.  

Cooper Families come together for Movie Night

December Fun with Cooper Families Family Fun Family Movie Night Family Movie Night Family Movie Night Family Movie Night Family Movie Night Family Movie Night Family Movie Night Family Movie Night Family Movie Night Family Movie Night Family Movie Night Family Movie Night PTA at work!
Today: 8/2/15

Renaissance Home Connect

Renaissance Home Connect allows parents to view the reading progress of their children at home and using mobile devices.  Click here to link to a page where you can view what your child has been reading as well as their scores on quizzes for these books.

Find the level to a book:

To find the reading level of a book, go to: www.arbookfind.com


Cooper is a uniform school.  Monday through Thursday students are expected to be in a uniform.  Friday is a free-dress day.  The colors for the school uniforms are blue, khaki, white (except pants) and black. Cooperware counts as part of the uniform.


Other considerations:

  • No open-toe sandals
  • Shorts and skirts must go to knees
  • No tank-tops for boys or girls
  • ENCORE! participants wear their t-shirts on Monday

Kindergarten Parents Guide - English

Kindergarten Parent Guide

Kindergarten Parents Guide - Spanish

Kindergarten Parent Guide- Spanish

Cooper Single Level Plan

Every year, schools must develop a unique Site Single Level Plan. This contains information about what the school is doing to insure that every child is being prepared with the academic and life skills needed to be productive citizens, has a clear and attainable path toward college and career, and is being educated in a safe and nurturing environment. Cooper's SPSA can be seen here. The allocation of these resources is decided upon by the School Site Council.  SSC meetings are open to the public and input from all members of the community is welcome.

Cooper's Single Plan for Student Achievement 2014-2015